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Lake Tahoe Nevada / California

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Lake Tahoe is as long as the English Channel is wide. The width of Lake Tahoe is half again as wide as San Francisco Bay. With a surface area of only 193 square miles (70 of which are in Nevada).


Lake Tahoe contains 122,160,280 acre feet of water, or over 30,000,000 more feet than the connected capacities of 10 of the largest manmade reservoirs in the United States. The State of California would be completely covered to a depth of 12-1/2 inches, with one dispersion of Lake Tahoe's water, and Texans can pride themselves on the fact that their extensive Lone Star State could only be covered to a depth of 8-1/2 inches.


       Reno Nevada                    Carson City Nevada


With a population of over 218,000, Reno is the largest city in Northern Nevada. It is located in the southern part of Washoe County, nestled on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in an area called the Truckee Meadows.

Reno is America's Adventure Place! The Truckee Meadows and surrounding area provide unlimited indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Spectacular Lake Tahoe and the largest concentration of ski areas and ski facilities in the world are all within a fifty-mile radius. Biking, camping, hunting, fishing and mountain climbing are all activities Reno residents and visitors enjoy.

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Carson City is approximately 10 miles from Lake Tahoe and is about 153 square miles in area.  It abuts the Sierra Nevada Mountains which are the entrance to the basin from the west and the terminus from the east.  The magnificent mountains intercept and exhaust the moisture of the air currents ever flowing from the Pacific Ocean eastward, consequently they pass comparatively rainless over the broad basin region, leaving it desert-like.